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AP is for the price conscious 

AP lowering springs came to the market in 2009, with the intention of producing great quality products at a price everyone can pay. AP products is made of German quality steel in Germany as opposed to cheap Chinese steel. All their products are produces in their own factories at a high standard and all are TÜV approved.
KW the world’s largest manufacturer of coilovers also stands behind AP. AP products is a cheaper alternative that can compete with the cheap Chinese springs and coilovers.

Check this introduction video!

They have had a huge success and today AP is some of the largest competitors on the market with coilovers in this categori.

AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn

AP – for all cars, fast, slow, big and small!

All shock absorbers are equipped with a built-in bump stop, that prevents the damper from knocking directly against metal during heavy use, this extends the life span significantly. Helping springs and shorter piston also gives a great comfort.

All their springs are powder coated blue to ensure a high standard quality.

AP’s selection of coilovers, lowering springs and sports suspensions gives you the possibility to lower your car 30-95 mm.

The shock absorbers of their sports suspension and coilover are approx. 25-30% harder than your standard chassis. This helps to ensure you that the shock absorbers don’t contract completely with heavy use.

AP coilovers allows you to adjust the coilover exactly as you want it. You therefore have the option to adjust the height within the German TÜV approved adjustment range by precisely setting the aluminum spring.

The shock absorbers are built up by two housings: the inner tube and outer tube. Here is the piston rod with its valve plates located in the inner tube which is also called the piston housing. Under compression the piston rod is pulled and then damps the oil which is in the piston housing. Thereafter the oil flows through the bottom valve and into the outer house. In contrast, the oil flows through the rebound’s temple. Here the so-called check valves allow flow back of oil from the outer housing into the inner tube. The professionals call this structure: twin-tube technology.

AP – your next coilover

With a cool look, a driving experience is delivered far beyond the ordinary. AP coilovers gives maximal possibilities to adjust the comfort, control and security of your car. With a coilover from AP, you get an uncompromising driving experience without compromising on comfort. At the same time, you will experience a driving experience in your daily life, as it was a much more expensive vehicle in relation to the standard. With AP you get the maximum experience and high quality at an extremely attractive price.
  • Individual lowering of the chassis with included tools
  • Certified and test adjusted
  • Galvanized struts provide durable protection against corrosion
  • Consistent sport and comfort experience
  • Quality tested components
  • Sealed and dust protected packaging for long driving pleasure
  • German development work 
  • Certified delivery in the box and parts
  • High quality at very attractive prices.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • High quality twin-tube damper technology
  • Trapezoidal thread ensures optimal adjustment of springs
  • Springs with high quality coating (powder coating) that gives optimal protection again corrosion
AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn

AP sports suspensions are mounted quickly and easily on every car

With an AP sports suspension gives your vehicle a harmonic setup, lays better on the road and gives you more control over escape maneuvers and turns. AP sports suspensions are popular because of their sporty and dynamic shock absorber setup. AP sports suspensions are developed in Germany with quality components just like their coilovers.       
  • Ideal for lowering down to 60mm
  • Unmatched brand quality at  the lowest price 
  • Direct response and sporty driving properties
  • More driving control and performance
  • Great comfort even with hard driving
  • Sealed and dust protected package
  • Struts, shock absorbers and springs made of galvanized steel for long driving pleasure
  • Available for many car models (including tuning classics such as Golf I, Golf 2, Golf 3, etc.)
  • Certificate included in the box
  AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn

AP – also handles simple lowering springs

Have you mounted your dream rims, but there are still missing something? Then get a hold of some AP lowering springs. Give your car a nice lowering, more direct control and more driving experience with springs! With these springs you will experience a car that is more harmonic and better control in hard steering and turns. You can lower your car down to 40 mm and the springs fit perfectly with the shock absorbers, so that you don’t need to change them.
  • Lowering from 40 to 60 mm, wedge shape is also available
  • More direct control and driving experience
  • Discrete and sporty look
  • High-strength alloy of chrome silicon steel
  • Power coated for extra longevity 
  AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn

AP – meet the people behind

Every year at Essen’s motorshow AP shows up with a big exhibition stand. This one is full of their newest products and approaches. Their AP-girls have also become a huge hit in the show.

AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn

Once a year over 100 girls compete to become the years AP girl. It has become a very desirable title in the chassis world. Just to compete is something a lot of girls strive after. It is a fun initiative, which also gives something to look at every year. See a lot more here.

AP Sænkningssæt, AP Gevindundervogn, AP Sportsundervogn
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