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Choosing coilovers, sport and lowering springs

When you’re in the market for a new coilover or springs for your car, there’s often loads of different products to choose from – and at very different prices.
In many cases, it’ll be possible to find a TA-Technix, FK, JOM, Mac Johns and G-MAXX coilover for your car from prices around £200, while e.g. a Vogtland coilover often will cost you around £400 – and some of the most expensive coilovers will even reach prices as high as £4000.
With coilovers – as well as other products – there is a correlation between price and quality. And when it comes to some of the most expensive coilovers, these products will often have far more features than the cheaper one’s – e.g. electronic damper adjustment and app control.

So, what is exactly the advantage of choosing a medium- or high-class coilover?

The advantage of choosing a medium- or a high-class coilover is – simply put – that you get far more value for money. Manufacturers such as AP, Bilstein, Eibach, H&R, KW, ST and Vogtland have problem free and excellent support – and they always seem to be aware of the fact that it’s real customers they’re dealing with.
For you, this means that should there be any kinds of problems with your coilover or lowering kit, then these manufacturers have fast responses. Furthermore, the processing time regarding complaints and support issues is short, since these manufacturers have entire teams working to help end users – that means you!

What about safety – is there a difference?

When you’re buying a new coilover, sport suspension or lowering springs, naturally, it’s important to have in mind that safety – as well as design – should be in order. In this regard, as well the one’s mentioned above, the manufacturers of medium- to high-class lowering kits manage to make products that have higher driving safety and performance. Therefore, lowering kits from these manufacturers will – when correctly installed – not impair your cars driving safety, and endanger your life, your passenger’s lives, and lives of others.

Are you still unsure about what to choose?

You're always welcome to reach out to us on info@cheap-coilovers.com, then we’ll advise you based on your specific situation – taking your budget into account.
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