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Eibach Bil

Eibach – one of the world’s leading spring manufacturer

In 1951 Heinrich Eibach started his company Eibach Group which is a global business. Back in 1967 Heinrich Eibach died and the power was given to his son Wilfried who has managed to make Eibach one of the world’s best springs manufacturer. 

Eibach today have facilities in Germany, USA, England, Australia, South Afrika and China.

Eibach over hele verden

Eibach – For cars, motorsport and industry

Eibach is world leader for production of springs and they work with industrial springs, springs for cars and motorsport.

Cheap-Coilovers.com leads all their products from the car industry and we are a world class dealer of their products. Therefore, we want to give you some insight of how Eibach produce their products and come with and explanation to why we would recommend Eibach sports suspensions, coilovers and lowering springs.

Eibach does something nobody else does

As a world leading manufacturer of lowering springs, Eibach produce their top-quality coil springs out of the best existing steel. This is done in their own factory in Germany where every spring are pressed fully together when they are done. This is done to avoid that their springs first must settle. This is why when Eibach for example informs a lowering at 30 mm, then the car will also be lowered exactly 30 mm.

Eibach 100% quality check all their springs before they leave the factory, which means that you as a consumer can be completely worry free when you receive your lowering kit.

Eibach is also an OEM supplier

Eibach is a supplier for many big car manufacturers in for example germany where they deliver OEM springs. (OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, that means the original springs that are sitting on the car from the factory). It is not only in the global market that Eibach is the market leader. When it comes to motor sports, Eibach is one of the leading partners. This applies to both Formula 1, Le Mans, DTM and DTC mm.

Now you really want to know what products Eibach is leading?

To start, we would suggest you watch this video, it only takes 15 sec.

Eibach’s product portfolio

Eibach lowering kit & lowering springs

  • Eibach Pro-Kit lowering kit
  • Eibach Sportsline lowering kit lowers more than the Pro-Kit. Sportline have more sporty driving properties.

Eibach B12 Sports suspension

  • Eibach B12 Pro-Kit coilover
  • Eibach B12 Sportline lowers more than the Pro-Kit. Sportline have more sporty driving properties.

Eibach made a collaboration with Bilstein, which is one of the best manufacturers of shock absorbers, which are used in the B12 kit.

Eibach coilovers

  • Eibach Pro Street S coilover – This is an adjustable coilover which is manufactured by 2 of the world’s best manufacturers. Coilovers gives a sporty look and high driving comfort.

Ebach and and TÜV

All Eibach products comes with TÜV certification

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