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H&R – maybe the best coilover

It started in the late 70’s when Mr. H and Mr. R for many years had been driving professionally and privately. Here they saw an increasing need for better coilovers for cars. They both believed that it was possible to obtain far better control and handling of cars for standard street and Racecars with a better coilover. 

H&R Gevindundervogn, H&R Sænkningssæt, H&R Sportsundervogn

When Werner Heine and Heinz Remmen began to combine their years of experience, they succeeded to design, create and manufacture quality springs and shock absorbers. They quickly took the market as a leader in how a car could get the perfect chassis setup. This has made them some of the absolute favorite partners for many car manufactures.

As a manufacturer of springs, sports suspensions and coilovers in extra high quality, a TÜV certificate quickly became a part of their quality stamp. From the beginning Mr. Heine and Mr. Remmen had a huge influence as leaders and innovators on how the market have formed through the years.

H&R have since the beginning had a clear advantage when it came to development of coilovers for competition use. It has been their throughout flexibility and eye to detail, that have made it possible for H&R to design and manufacture components such as springs, shock absorbers and adjustable lowering kits to high performance use. 

H&R Gevindundervogn, H&R Sænkningssæt, H&R Sportsundervogn

H&R delivers to Porsche and Mercedes

The biggest thing any car component manufacturer strive to obtain, is to become a supplier for original equipment in the industry. H&R have reached the highest level in the industry, by delivering top of the line coilovers to some of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Porsche sin Carrera GT and its 996, 997 GT II and GT III are equipped with H&R components. While Volkswagen uses the components in their GOLF R32. Recently Mercedes Benz chose H&R as their supplier for their CLK super car and CLK DTM AMG. The special feature of this model is its limited production of 100 units, and with its 580 hp, it is even one of the world's fastest street cars.

H&R deliver lowering springs, sports suspensions and coilovers in their assortment. you are always ensured high quality and long life because of their latest technologies in developing their components.

H&R coilovers – ultra precise setup of your car

Their H&R monotube coilover offers a race like perfection without sacrificing the comfort. Like all H&R threaded chassis, these monotube threaded carriages have a thread on almost the entire shock absorber, providing almost endless options for adjusting height to suit street or race use.

Here you will receive: 

H&R Gevindundervogn, H&R Sænkningssæt, H&R Sportsundervogn
  • Inhouse development and manufacturing
  • Adjustment keys included
  • High quality components for a long lifespan
  • Trapez thread on the shock absorbers for almost infinite height adjustment
  • Monotube gas shock absorbers for best comfort
  • Inverted design for reducing weight for more precise control
  • TÜV approved
  • H&R precision springs
  • Zinc phosphate coated shock absorbers to provide a nice finish and corrosion protection

If you want to see how H&R produces your next coilover, don’t hesitate to follow along here:

H&R sports suspensions - completely plug and play!

With a H&R sports suspension you will receive a precisely calibrated set of springs and shock absorbers for your car. If you want to avoid the guesswork, then this is the coilover for you. You will receive a setup that is designed to handle and improve the setup and steering of your car. You can choose between comfort or a sports kit. The sports kit gives your car a sportier handling, so turns and corners on the street feels like a breeze.

You will receive: 

H&R Gevindundervogn, H&R Sænkningssæt, H&R Sportsundervogn
  • Harmonizing components
  • OEM-quality in a shortened version for a lower center of gravity and appearance
  • Partly shortened sports suspension
  • Special spring properties
  • Improved handling and steering
  • Adjustable shock absorbers (depends on the products)
  • TÜV approved
  • Shock absorbers can be bought separately
  • Constructed and manufactured in Germany

H&R lowering springs – easy lowering of your car

H&R sports springs are constructed to deliver improved handling and lowering of your car, while keeping the original comfort of your car. They are manufactured and test on our facility in Lennestadt, Germany. H&R is the ideal solution for enthusiasts that appreciate race components designed for street use. The springs are produced in high quality steel, that prolongs the lifespan, so that you will get much more out of your new coilover.

You will receive:

H&R Gevindundervogn, H&R Sænkningssæt, H&R Sportsundervogn
  • Sporty appearance
  • Improved handling and steering
  • Lowered center of gravity
  • Linear and progressive spring design (depending on the application)
  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket shock absorbers
  • Powder coated for improved appearance a corrosion protection
  • Delivered with TÜV approval
  • Constructed, manufactured and tested in Germany

See how your next H&R springs are produced:

Today, no less than 110 employees are employed by the H&R Group. An amount that makes then one of the worlds largest manufacturers of quality coilovers. They are ISO 9001 certified and their products are TÜV approved for street use. H&R are convinced that their flexibility and approach to high quality is the key to their success. If you would like to see H & R's complete catalog, you can find it  here

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