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KW – made for you who want the very best!

KW was founded in 1995 and in the beginning, they only had three employees and had a production area at 1600 kvm. Today KW Automotive GmbH is represented all over the world and has approx. 200 employees in five locations. After several expansions at the company’s header quarters in Ficthenberg, the total production and floor area now extends over 247.000 square meters. The still growing delivery program include many thousands of products.

KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

KW Automotiva GmbH have been the epitome of premium products in the field of car tuning and car accessories. KW offer their customers the largest coilover program in the world. From the whole assortment from adjustable springs to their coilover “inox line” in three damper versions. To have this many product in so many versions, makes them one of the largest on the market. In addition, KW automotive GmbH develops racing solutions for national and international motor sports. KW’s racing program is used successfully by many racing teams around the world.

Innovative test procedures that makes a difference

In 2006, a state-of-the-art 7-step hydraulic test stand was put into operation at KW's headquarters in Fichtenberg. This test stand can simulate countless different racetrack conditions. There only exist 15 7-step hydraulic test’s in the world. Most of the are used for formel-1 teams for research and development purposes. 

KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

KW also use this innovative test opportunity to develop new coilovers and optimize different setups. In addition, KW’s coilover experts offer all interested racing teams and business partners the ability to make vehicle customizations using their advanced 7-step test stand at the Fichtenberg test center.

KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

This saves both time and expenses for the racing teams. Since all vehicle-specific racing features can be simulated with this test stand without exposing the car to unnecessary wear and weather. This technology offers KW unprecedented testing capabilities for automotive and motor sport.

Motorsport and commercial partner

KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

KW is both a commercial partner, but also a partner for various motor sports teams. For high performance prestige products from Mercedes-AMG - SLK 55, CLK 63 and SL 65 AMG Black Series. KW has developed a special undercarriage that meets the high demands of Mercedes-AMG.

For a couple of years, KW has been the official development and production partner of Roush Performance from the US. KW equips all high-performance Ford Mustang models of Roush with KW sports undercarriage in various configurations. KW also collaborates with Chrysler USA whose Viper SRT10 ACR came to the market in 2007.

The 600 hp racing car, available only in a limited edition, is based on the Dodge Viper 2008 and is equipped with a KW thread chassis that KW developed specifically for Chrysler.

Stainless steel – the secret behind a lifelong coilover

KW stainless steel "inox-line" thread chassis means ultra-long durability and therefore gives you the same uniform driving pleasure. See product catalog here.

KW’s coilovers are made of extremely high quality and perfectly matched components and materials. Both our famous racing coilover for international motorsport benefits from this, but also your KW coilover for street use. 

KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

All KW coilovers, Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3, Variant 4, Street Comfort and the adaptive KW DDC-coilovers from the KW iSuspension-series are made of stainless steel. Whether it’s the tower strut, the trapezoidal thread or the vehicle-specific connections - only stainless steel is used. The stainless steel in the "inox-line" shock absorber, in conjunction with corrosion-resistant springs, provides the absolute best long-lasting driving pleasure!

  • Extreme corrosion resistant
  • Unmatched quality
  • No signs of wear on the adjustment mechanism - even during long-term use
  • Trapezoidal thread in stainless steel facilitates height adjustment
  • Always perfect look throughout life
  • Very high load tolerance

The naked truth – salt spray test

How good does the stainless coilovers from KW “inox-line” perform? To know the exact answer, KW made a collaboration with the Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences. The chemists and engineers from Fachhochschule tested the KW stainless coilovers. All in all, 9 coilovers from 6 different manufacturers were quality tested in their quality control. The salt spray test shows quickly and clearly what is "dirt and cinnamon".

Competitor – coilover zinc plated

  • After 26 hours
    Already after 26 hours the first corrosion spots are visibleKW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt
  • After 145 hours
    Already after 145 hours, rust, corrosion in small holes and welds are noticeableKW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt
  • After 229 hours
    Already after 46 hours individual corrosion spots on the thread - after 229 hours it is "germinated" together.KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

KW coilover “inox line” stainless steel

  • After 26 hours
    Inox-line KW Variant 3 Piston rods is in perfect condition.KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt
  • After 145 hours
    Inox-line, KW Variant 1 no corrosion detectable by stiffeners.KW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt
  • After 229 hours
    Inox-line, KW Variant 1 easy to move, no corrosionKW Gevindundervogn, KW Sportsundervogn, KW Sænkningssæt

The KW technology explained – See how everything works

Unlike traditional standard and sports coilovers, KW threaded coilovers have an adjustable spring seat. This makes it possible to lower the undercarriage via a trapezoidal thread.

Another difference from conventional suspension is the longer damping achieved by using shortened clamping bushes. Even at maximum lowering of the coilover, the spring is not affected.

All KW coilovers for street use and are TÜV approved.

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