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Pipercross Luftfilter

Pipercross Air filters

Pipercross have been producing air filters for more than 25 years. Their focus area is in the field of motor sports and here they supply some of the world's best air filters. Pipercross is a British company based in Northampton. Here they collaborate with some of the biggest players in the motoring world.

In England, several major championships are held within the race and here you will find Pipercross air filters often mounted in the winning car. This is due to Pipercross' close collaboration with various race teams.

Pipercross - Air filters with lifetime warranty

Pipercross livstidsgaranti

Life time warranty is provided on all their air filters. Their filters are made of foam where many others are made of paper and cotton. Their foam has a unique composition of multiple layers, means that very small practitioners are caught so that no filth enters the intake of the car.

The unique composition gives up to 30% more airflow compared to standard filters. More airflow gives the engine more oxygen which gives a better and cleaner combustion. Better combustion and flow give the car extra HP.

This is also why it is an advantage to use Pipercross sports filters with your car if it is chiptune or tuned in any other way.

IT is not only if you have tuned your car that you can obtain benefits. Today many are aware of their fuel economy. Here, a better combustion is important, which makes it possible to achieve a better fuel economy.

Several different filter types.

Pipercross deliver several different filter types.

  • Panel filter is an air filter that fits directly into the original airlifter box in your car. 
  • V1 Airboxes series which is a nice air intake made of carbon, to give a unique look but also to improve airflow. 
  • Competition is universal air filters ordered in a specific diameter, after which it can be used for special projects etc.

Pipercross is handmade

All filters are handmade in the England and are quality checked before leaving the factory, this is one of your safeguards for receiving a top-quality sports air filter.

See the whole process of producing a Pipercross air filters:

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