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The big strut mount guide 2019

A strut mount or top bearing is located between the top of your shock absorbers and the tower where the shock absorber is mounted.

Den store tårnleje guide

A strut mount is cheap and have a huge impact on your cars drivability if it malfunctions. There is multiple ways it could affect your car.

Read along here and get the answer:

  • Longer braking distance
  • Reduces your control properties
  • May cause tracking problems
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Increased wear on the damper

Overnævnte er nogen af de problemer du kan komme ud for med et defekt tårnleje.

The above are some of the problems you may encounter with a faulty tower rental.
It is often seen that you have invested in a coilover, lowering kit or sports suspensions and experience problems with saying it sounds or in other ways behaves strange.

How you find you if your strut mount malfunctions

  • A loud clunk when you drive over a bump
  • It is harder to control, and it can sometimes feel like it reacts slower
  • You can test if it malfunctions by starting the engine, pull the hand break and turn the steering wheel to both sides. While doing this have someone stand outside to listen after noise. If there is a noise then it might because of a malfunction in your strut mount.

Here on picture is an example of a defective strut mount

Den store tårnleje guide - Defekt tårnleje

Why you should always make sure to buy new strut mounts when changing the coilover

We recommend changing your strut mount every time you change the shock absorbers on your car. The reasoning for the is that you can never be 100% sure that there will be an even wear when changing to the new ones.

This could result I malfunction in the strut mount shorty after mounting the new coilover. It would be a shame to change everything after.

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