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Ta-Technix – high quality for the price conscious 

TA Technix, the tuning specialist in Wustermark, has for more than a decade set footsteps in the tuning industry.

Their high quality at a favorable price and sporty style on their products is appreciated by the customers. The range includes everything from tower bearings, turret struts, air filters, sports undercarriage and thread chassis, all that makes it fun for us and you to work on our cars. In the production, great emphasis is placed on technical competence and functionality, which gives the price-conscious customer easy handling with the best available performance.

TA Technix

Superb driving pleasure with sporty genes

Driving pleasure is a major priority for the founders and owners of TA Technix, who were previously very active in motor sports and not least enthusiastic car runners. Together with their suppliers, TA Technix ensures a great quality and price-conscious product for you as a customer.

The ongoing care of customer relationships and the optimal fulfillment of customer inquiries is the fundamental foundation for long-term customer loyalty.

The importance of customer-oriented services has increased significantly in recent years. Being able to provide excellent and serious customer support is the key success factor in achieving competitive advantage in sales. The continuous optimization of Ta Technix's processes and a steady increase in skills in their employees is their vision and contributes to long-term success! TA Technix's program is made up of tower bearings, turret struts, lowering springs, sports suspensions and coilovers.

TA Technix tårnlejer

TA Technix strut mount - heavy duty construction

Strut mounts are an important part of the car’s equipment. As it is made as pressure bearing, it comes under heavy pressure when used. At some point in the car’s life, these must there be replaced because of wear and tear. 

It is usually quite clear to hear if a strut mount is broken, here you will hear clinky sounds from the suspension when you run over small road bumps. You can also experience rattling sounds, degraded steering, vibration while driving and ring noises when turning. 

It is not super critical to change It at the first noise, but we recommend that you should change them at the next service check if you can’t do it yourself. If it is very bad, we recommend that you get a professional to look at it immediately. Ta-Technix is therefore a great alternative to original parts, when you must change the tower strut. They are made from heavy-duty construction that last for many years.

TA Technix tårnstivere

Ta-Technix strut bar – even sportier driving

Have you also noticed that all sports cars have a strut bar going across the motor? And sometimes under the car. There is a great reasoning for this, it helps to stiffen the entire construction when driving. The result of mounting a tower strut from e.g. TA technix is therefore an improved comfort and sharper control. Especially in turns and curves it comes into its own and shows its strength here. The tine support is available depending on the car model, in aluminum and hardened steel.

TA Technix Gevindundervogn – sænk din bil op til 120mm

Ta-Technix coilover – lower your car up to 120 mm

With a coilover from TA Technix, you get the possibility for precise setup of your coilover, as much as 120mm by some cars (Find your car here to see how much it can be lowered).

They are made of solid steel with powder coated springs, which gives a longer durability and nicer appearance. Shock absorbers are galvanized and easy to adjust with the included tool. At TA Technix you get a price-conscious coilover tested for everyday life by professionals and designed and manufactured in Germany, by one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive equipment. With TÜV approval it is easy to get your car through MOT (Ministry Of Transport Test) with a threaded chassis from TA Technix. Just make sure you have the certificate with you.

Ta-Technix sports suspension – Drive fast through the turns

A sports suspension from TA Technix gives you the special feeling of sporty driving, while the lowered car gives an extra sporty look. The sports suspension is easy to mount and allows you to lower your car up to 60 mm.

The springs are powder coated for maximum durability, while they are made of forged steel for high strength. The shock absorbers are also powder coated or galvanized depending on the car model.

For some car models it is even possible to get a sports suspension with hardness adjustment. The result of this is to provide exactly the comfort you want when driving. Here it is possible to have a softer setup for everyday driving, but when you are on the racetrack you can adjust it to be harder. Sports suspensions from TA Technix are TÜV approved as a starting point.

TA Technix sænkningsfjedre

TA Technix lowering springs - easy and quick lowering of your car

Are you satisfied with the damping in your car, but just want to get the right look with a simple lowering. Then a set of lowering springs from TA technix can be the solution. They are mounted quickly and lower your car up to 70 mm. The springs are powder coated and therefore have a long lifespan and are a great choice for the price conscious. TÜV approval is included as a starting point.

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