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The big strut bar guide 2019

It can be hard to choose between the many kinds of stabilization bars.
Follow along here and find out which one you should choose!

Den store tårnleje guide

Picture above shows the typical placement of a strut bar. The stabilizer rod is located between the car's carrying arm and the roll stabilizer.
The purpose of a strut bar is to ensure that the car is kept horizontal when swinging to the side, this is also called choke. A strut bar is cheap and typically very easy to change, so it is recommended that you change the strut bar when changing the coilover.

What about when you lower your car?

If you want to lower your car with a coilover, sports suspension or Lowering kit, several of the manufacturers recommend that you replace your original strut bar set with an adjustable strut bar set.

The reason why they recommend this for specific car models is that the choke on the car is changed when lowering it and therefore it may well be necessary to adjust its strut bar set according to the desired lowering on the car.

The picture here shows an adjustable strut bar, strut arm and a car leg.

the big strut bar guide

Can I change the strut bar myself?

On most cars it is something you can change yourself. This does not require special tools.

Below you will find 2 videos showing how to change a strut bar on the front axle on your car.

This video shows how to change a strut bar on the back axle on your car.

How many kilomets will a set survive?

If your car is not lowered and you drive normally in your car, then it is not unusual for them to last for the entire life of the car.
However, we recommend that you have them checked when you have your car for service. It's something that takes the workshop 2 min to check when your car is on a lift.
If you have a heavy foot when you drive a car and like a sporty ride, you should expect that the lifetime will significantly decrease as you push your car more and thus will achieve a greater grip on the car. 

Is my strut bar defective?

Do you find that car is noisy when you drive over a bump or do turns.
Then there is a high probability that it is your strut mount that is defective.
If it is not them, you should check your strut mount that is at the top of your shock absorber and the tower in the car.

What causes a defect strut bar?

When you change the coilover on the car, it is important to always make sure you get the car’s 4-point measured in a workshop that has the right measuring equipment.
Incorrect metering can result in improper wear and tear, which can cause defects.

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