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Delivery Information

Cheap Coilovers Delivery Information

How is the delivery process when shopping in our web shop?

All quoted delivery times in the webshop are estimates and should be taken as a guideline.

Product availability is checked on order completion.

All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, we stock NOTHING.

If the product is in stock at the manufacturer, the delivery time should match what is listed on the product card.

If the item is not in stock, we will inquire and provide a new expected delivery, as provided by the manufacturer.

Delivery information from the manufacturer are estimates, and this information is passed on through our site as provided.

The tracking no. must be provided by the manufacturer to us. This process can take up to a few days.

The tracking no. will be sent to you as soon as we recieve it.

We recommend tracking your shipment as soon as you receive the tracking no.

If there is any delays, we recommend contacting the courier directly.

Delays are often caused by:

  • Wrong name
  • Missing or incorrect information
  • Mailbox without a name, etc.

Several manufacturers only start assembling the coilover/suspension kit when they receive an order. Depending on their current order load, this may result in longer delivery times, since the product has to go through their assembly lines before being shipped.

The information above should help clarify the delivery process. It is not possible for us to affect or change the process, as it is handled directly by our manufacturers and as such is out of our hands.

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