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Find sports suspension for your car

A sport suspension typically consists of 4 dampers and 4 springs and is thus a complete suspension kit.

Unlike coilovers, which is also a complete suspension kit, it's not possible to adjust the height of a sport suspension.

En enhed fra en Gevindundervogn

Instead you'll get a suspension kit that lowers your car a certain number of millimeters, thus getting your car closer to the road, resulting in optimum grip and increased safety.

The advantage of choosing a sport suspension kit rather than lowering springs, is - among other things - that with a sport suspension kit, you get dampers with a valve system.

Another advantage is that you get springs and shock absorbers that are aligned one another to perfection. Which ultimately gives you greater safety and better comfort.

Buying Guide: Sport Suspensions

You're looking for sports suspension, so you can lower your car.

In the menu above you can choose your cars make and model.
When this is selected, you'll be taken to our big selection of sport suspensions from the worlds largest manufacturers.

Here you'll find all the brands, like AP sport suspensions, Vogtland sport suspensions, TA-Technix sport suspensions, Eibach sport suspensions, ST sport suspensions, KW adjustable sport suspensions and H&R sport suspensions.

You can find help choosing the right sports suspension by using the guides and information above.

Under all guides there is a lot of information regarding TÜV Part certificates, measuring the struts, rear axle type, etc. You can also find a guide on the different brands, prices and quality here.

Find the right sports suspension for your car

We'll help guide you to the right choice.

Step 1:


To find precisely the right sports suspension for your car, it's important that you know the following information.

Here is an example with an Audi:

  • Brand: Audi
  • Model: A6
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Motor: 2,0 TDI
  • Type: 4G
  • HP: 177 HP
  • Axleload, front: 1150 kg
  • Axleload, back: 1275 kg

Step 2:

The axleload of your car can only be found on your cars type plate, sometimes also known as a "chassis label" or "whole type approval plate". It is usually found in the doorframe or under the hood in the engine compartment.

Type plate Example of a type plate

Type plate info:

  • "1-" on the type plate is the front axleload
  • "2-" on the type plate is the back axleload
  • See the picture for an example

NB: If you can't find the type plate on your car or there isn't one, you need to get a hold of your cars manufacturer - They are the only ones who can help you find the axleload for your exact car.

Step 3:

You now have all the information you need, and can now search for a sports suspension that match your car in our webshop.

In the webshop you'll see product cards like this one:

Product card Example of a product card

On the product card there is also listed axleload (front and back). It is important that the axleload specified on the product card is as close as possible to the axleload of your car.

Caution: The axleload specified on the productcard can exceed than the axleload of your car. However, your cars axleload must NEVER exceed the axleload specified on the productcard.

You should now be capable of finding the right coilover that match your car.

If you're still in doubt or if you can't find sport suspensions that fits your car, you're welcome to send us an e-mail at info@cheap-coilovers.com, with all of the data mentioned above and preferably a picture of your type plate.

Find your cars axleload

You need to know your cars axleload, before you can find the right sports suspension. Find the axleload on your cars type plate – See our expanded guide here.

Eksempel of af type plate

Find lowering springs

If you're looking for lowering springs, you can use the menu pictured below to filter for only lowering springs when you've found your car.

Eksempel på produkt filtre (desktop) Eksempel på produkt filtre (mobil)

You can also use our Buying Guide - Lowering Springs, to find the perfect lowering springs for your car.

Find coilovers

If you're looking for sports suspension, you can use the menu pictured below to filter for only sports suspensions when you've found your car.

Eksempel på produkt filtre (desktop) Eksempel på produkt filtre (mobil)

You can also use our Buying Guide - Coilovers, to find the perfect sports suspension for your car.

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