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KW V3 coilovers - Mitsubishi 3000-GT

KW V3 coilovers - Mitsubishi 3000-GT - Alfa Romeo 147 - Hardness adjustment
KW V3 coilovers - Mitsubishi 3000-GT - Rebound top adjustment
KW V3 coilovers - Mitsubishi 3000-GT - Rebound bottom adjustment
KW variant 3 coilover for Mitsubishi 3000-GT is adjustable and gives you the possibility to lower your car to the desired height. This is KW’s Inox-line which means that the dampers are made of quality stainless steel which protects the dampers against rust.

Forskellen fra KW Variant 2 til KW Variant 3 er muligheden for at kunne justere både hårdheden ”Rebound” og ”Bump”, hvorimod variant 2 kun har mulighed for at ”rebound” på gevindundervognen. Dette gøres via.16 kliks justering direkte på støddæmperen.

The main difference between variant 2 and 3 is the possibility to adjust the hardness “rebound“ and “bump” on the coilover. Where variant 2 only have the possibility to adjust the “rebound” on the coilover. This can be done with 16 clicks directly on the shock absorber. KW variant 3 is for you who desire a sport drivability for the street but also want to do racing. It takes a bit more experience to adjust this coilover, because of the many setup options.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions for which KW variant 3 coilover that fits your Mitsubishi 3000-GT. Or if you should choose between a coilover, lowering springs or sport suspensions. We are always ready to help you on the phone: +45 69 15 73 04 or e-mail info@cheap-coilovers.com.
  • KW V3 Coilovers for Mitsubishi 3000GTThe picture is illustrative. The item may be diffrent.
    Approx. lowering front:20-50 mm
    Approx. lowering rear:25-55 mm
    Axleload front:-1150 kg
    Axleload rear:-1020 kg
    TÜV part certificate:Yes
    Product no.:KW-V3-556
    Vendor no.:35265008
    Shipping fee:
    Expected delivery:Ships within 2-8 work days
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